Have you ever imagined a Home without walls?


A place with no boundaries, with a door always open and a table that invites you to take a seat, where everyone can learn more and benefit from collective knowledge.

A shared space between Portugal and Brazil that aims to connect the Gastronomic value chain.

Shall we go in?

Meet CASA GASTRONOMIA and take part in the 2021 activities.

2021 Connections Campaign

CASA GASTRONOMIA has its doors open to everyone who relates to our purpose of Connecting, Communicating and Experiencing the potential of Gastronomy as a binding element.

Our proposition is simple. We want to make 2021 connections as soon as possible with people who are aligned with this purpose.

Fill in the form and come in. Our doors are open!

What we have done.

Learn more about the projects we have done and how we can create together.

The hosts

We keep the table always ready to welcome you.

Carla Brites Santos

Head of Strategy & Projects

What’s the ingredient you always have in your fridge? Cheese.

I’m the one who needs to know the reason behind everything and loves to have a full house.

Gabrielle Muniz

Head of Communication

What’s the ingredient you always have in your fridge? Tomatoes.

I’m the person that connects everyone through gastronomy and DMs people to meet them.

Beatriz Brás

Head of Production

What’s the ingredient you always have in your fridge? Miso.

I’m the one floating between two dimensions: idealising and making things happen.

Sara Noronha Ramos

Head of Learning

What’s the ingredient you always have in your fridge? Butter.

I’m the one who structures our meetings and loves to learn new recipes.

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